The Mack Rack Bat and Helmet Holder is a new softball and baseball dugout product that will organize your equipment in a matter of seconds. It doesn’t just organize though, it also helps protect helmets, bats, and gloves.

It’s small, unfolds quickly, attaches to a chain link fence, and can hold a bat and helmet. It works for both softball and baseball. Some of our customers have used it to hold their gloves as well.

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It’s created from a space-age polymer (yeah, we said it) that’s both lightweight and durable. We know it’s that good, which is why we offer a lifetime warranty. Seriously though, check out our Product Details for more detailed information about the Mack Rack.

Not only will it protect equipment, but it also makes for an uncluttered dugout. When a player is on-deck or called at the last minute, they can quickly find their gear and be ready to swing!

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